Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lil Miss Kori Layne

I'd like to introduce to soon-to-be newest addition to the Baggett Bunch, Kori Layne Baggett. Yesterday was my 4D ultrasound at Peek A Baby and I have attached some of our pictures from it below. The poor thing has got herself in quite a pickle. She is currently positioned with her feet and hands "stuck" in front of her face. I say stuck because the ultrasound tech explained to us that it take a few days to work legs up and down in the womb; arms are a little easier to move around. But regardless, she had every appendage on her little body in our way yesterday while trying to get some good face shots of her. Here she is...

Her face (most of it), one arm and two legs :)

Her face again, pointed in a downward position slightly and one perfectly pointed foot!

Two more shots which are very similar but she's turned her head a little away from the camera in the second shot.

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